World Energy Week-2021 to be held in Nur-Sultan

The World Energy Council (WEC) announced Kazakhstan to host the World Energy Week 2021 🎉

As a result of the e-voting during the WEC Executive Assembly held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 8th of September 2019, the majority of members voted for the Republic of Kazakhstan to host the World Energy Week-2021.

It is planned that WEW-2021 and Kazakhstan Energy Week / XIII Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum will be held on a single platform of the city of Nur-Sultan, which will allow to combine common goals and develop new mechanisms for the further development of world energy. 

Several events in the field of energy will be organized within the framework of WEW-2021, such as the World Energy Leaders' Summit, the Energy Transition Summit, the Future Energy Leaders' Summit, and etc.

Preliminary dates are October 4-7, 2021

🔎 The World Energy Council (WEC) is the largest international non-governmental energy organization established in 1923.

The WEC consists of more than 90 National Committees representing more than 3 000 organizations, including public authorities, industrial and expert organizations.

Publication date : 25-11-2019